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NYC wedding photographer Marc Flores

Getting married in NYC is exciting and full of possibilities, so when looking for a New York City wedding photographer, you'll want someone energetic, familiar with the city and ready for everything the city can dish. New York is rich with history, beautiful vistas and iconic landmarks, like the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building. It's a beautiful place to tie the knot!

NYC weddings can also have dramatically different looks depending on the season, and they're equally lovely. Whether you want your wedding to be snowy, green and lush, or colored with autumn leaves, this is the place.

I've lived in NYC, Brooklyn, to be more specific, for five years. And while I'm based in San Francisco now, I still travel to New York often, mainly to shoot weddings. So if you're looking for a New York City wedding photographer, there are options that include photographers that don't live in the city - like me!

NYC weddings and wedding photography

Whether you're already living here or choosing NYC as a destination wedding, there are some things you'll want to know to make the best of your day, or weekend if it's a multi-day affair. Choosing a venue or planner can be daunting, so I'm here to help with some suggestions to help ease your planning and make sure you get the most out of your wedding experience.

Best NYC wedding venues

Things to do in NYC

New York is full of so many restaurants, attractions and activities that it can be hard to figure out where to go and what to do! You'll have to decide if you're more interested in the touristy spots, or if you want to break away from the massive crowds and do things a little more offbeat. Here is a small list of some of my favorite things to do in NYC.

  • One World Trade Center - Definitely a tourist spot, but offers sweeping panoramic views of the city along with a fine dining restaurant.
  • Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park - Another tourist attraction, but you can't miss one of the world's most recognizable bridges!
  • Bryant Park - Outdoor movies and concerts, ice skating in the winter and plenty of space to relax in the summer.
  • Central Park - Lakes, fountains, trees, bridges, concerts, restaurants... this massive park has it all, but you already knew that.
  • Prospect Park - The biggest park in Brooklyn offers concerts in the summer, plenty of activities year round with beautiful lounge spots.
  • The High Line - A park that glides above the city. Formerly a train track, The High Line is a great place to relax, eat and drink.
  • Empire State Building - If you or your friends are visiting, it's worth paying a visit to what was once the tallest building in the world.
  • Statue of Liberty - Another historic landmark that can be seen from Manhattan and Staten Island. Take a ferry or booze cruise!
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Listed as one of the best wedding venues above, it's also a gorgeous garden to visit, especially in spring.
  • Brooklyn Museum - This is one of my favorite museums, and is a host to many fun events and exhibits. Easily accessible by many trains.
  • MoMa - As an artist, I can't get enough of MoMa. The photography exhibits are always great, as is all the modern art.

Things to eat in NYC

You shouldn't just see NYC, you should taste it, too! There are hundreds of excellent eateries and bars in the city, so I've filtered down the list to some of my favorites. That means whenever I'm back in the city for just a few days, these are some of the spots that would definitely require a visit.

  • Root & Bone - Fried chicken and waffles never tasted so good. And a corn dish that serves it on the cob, with popcorn, creamed corn and hominy kernels? Lord help me!
  • Ippudo - If you love ramen, you really shouldn't go anywhere else. The line can get long at times, but believe me, every minute is worth the wait.
  • Gramercy Terrace - I love this place for brunch, and it's set in a rooftop garden, which is an excellent way to start your post-wedding morning.
  • Buttermilk Channel - Brunch is my favorite meal, and Buttermilk Channel does it best. Even its Bloody Mary drinks are incredible (oysters, bacon and Jack Daniels?) and are almost meals themselves!
  • Momofuku - O.K., so I said you shouldn't go anywhere besides Ippudo, but Momofuku is a nice alternative, too. Try the Milk Bar for some cookies and other sweet treats.
  • Shake Shack - Originally just in Madison Square Park, Shake Shack now has numerous locations in the city, including JFK Airport! Excellent burgers and shakes.
  • Le Bernadin - If you want to fancy it up a little, try this incredible French seafood restaurant. You might want to make a reservation in advance, though.
  • Barrio Chino - Great Mexican food and incredible margaritas with the gritty ambience of the LES. My favorite margarita is the habañero grapefruit - it'll definitely clear your sinuses!
  • Balthazar - Whether you're having brunch or a very late night dinner and drinks, Balthazar will knock it out of the park. Great cocktails, food and ambience. I've never been disappointed, and I love the old-time feel in here.

NYC wedding photography and... tour guide?

Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding by Marc Flores Photography

You're here, the city is big and overwhelming, there are so many beautiful views and things to do. Where do you begin? If you've already hired me as your NYC wedding photographer, we can do a fun engagement session, trash-the-dress or day after session, or an exploration session. The latter means we'll just explore the city together. I'll make sure you don't get lost on the trains, see all the best spots and eat all the delicious things while I photograph you taking in the one of the best cities in the world.

Additionally, it will allow us to get comfortable with a camera around so that you'll feel more relaxed on your wedding day. Being less aware of the camera, while having a familiar and friendly face around who can capture the meaningful moments of your wedding day, will make for beautiful photos that will bring you a lifetime of great memories. I might be a little bit biased here, but in the end, after all the food has been eaten, decorations have been taken down, and your family members make their way back to their respective cities and homes, the photos are really going to be what counts.

If all of that sounds good to you and you're ready to book, send me a note and I will get back to you before you can get to the top of the Empire State Building on a Saturday afternoon!